The WWLS has extended its Horizons to another facet as an export Trader. Planning to root the mainstream hub for the IMPEX Trading at UAE within next few months in the name of Shiv General Trading IMPEX LLC.,

Our client also Base ranges from West, East & South Africa. Gulf countries like Iraq, middle eastern countries etc.

What is a “commonly consumed food commodity?" Commonly consumed foods are those ingested for their nutrient properties. Food commodities can be either raw agricultural commodities or processed commodities, provided that they are the forms that are sold or distributed for human consumption.

Consumer durables make up a portion of sales in durable goods. The increase and decrease in the sales of durable goods is an important economic indicator. That’s because durables (including consumer durables) usually represent big-ticket items. Consumers typically make these purchases when they are confident they can afford them.

These auto accessories include, dash covers, seat covers, mirrors, shifter knobs, steering wheel covers, fuel consumption meters, window tint, stereo system, DVD players, floor mats and even air fresheners.

Plastic resins are not any one material, but a family of related materials with various properties that can be formed to meet the requirements for the bottles, containers, closures, and caps used for your drugs, vitamins, and other pharmaceutical and medical products.

A spare part, spare, service part, repair part, or replacement part, is an interchangeable part that is kept in an inventory and used for the repair or replacement of failed units. Spare parts are an important feature of logistics engineering and supply ... of equipment because it would take a long time to get a replacement for them.

Structural steel fabrication is a process of bending, cutting, and moulding steel structures to create beams, columns, and steel members. Structural steel fabricators erect and provide quality, fabricated steel components and structures. Structural steel is cost effective, durable, and highly stable for construction.

Clothing in India is dependent upon the different ethnicity, geography, climate, and cultural traditions of the people of each region of India. Historically, male and female clothing has evolved from simple garments like kaupina, langota, dhoti, lungi, sari, gamcha, and loincloths to cover the body into elaborate costumes not only used in daily wear, but also on festive occasions, as well as rituals and dance performances. In urban areas, western clothing is common and uniformly worn by people of all social levels. India also has a great diversity[1] in terms of weaves, fibers, colours, and material of clothing. Sometimes, color codes are followed in clothing based on the religion and ritual concerned. The clothing in India also encompasses the wide variety of Indian embroidery, prints, handwork, embellishment, styles of wearing clothes. A wide mix of Indian traditional clothing and western styles can be seen in India.

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